Venue - DOT

Venue - DOT - Groningen

We are hosting the event in DOT. DOT is a multifunctional, creative meeting place in the heart of Groningen.

On the ground floor you will find our spacious gastrobar and atmospheric terrace outside. It is a wonderful place suitable for coffee, tea, lunch, drinks or dinner. Our beach terrace borders the city beach of Groningen, a popular hotspot.

The foyer, with its own bar, is located on the first floor. Extremely suitable for private events, lectures, meetings and other types of gatherings, ranging from 10 to 250 people. On the second floor is the beautiful Dome, a breathtaking film and theater room, furnished with 234 luxurious seats. The room is equipped with a high-tech 3D digital sound system (60 speakers and 4 subwoofers) and has an RGB programmable lighting system.

Depending on the set-up, the maximum capacity of the event in DOT is 240 people.

So why Groningen?

Why are we hosting this event in Groningen? Well, as many of you know, Groningen is the Magento capital of the Netherlands. We have the most certified developers of any Dutch city. We even rank 4th worldwide according to research by [Inchoo](!

Besides this, Groningen is a beautiful and quaint student city with a population of 200.000 (including over 30.000 students!). Here are more great facts about our great city. Now you know why.