Venue - EM2 "The Barn"

The venue for MageTitans Netherlands 2020 is the EM2 "The Barn" in Groningen. Built as a concert venue, this space has perfect auditory qualities for our presentations. It is located on the premises of an old and mostly torn down sugar factory, historically the biggest factory Groningen has ever known.

The address of the venue is Suikerlaan 6, Groningen. Your navigation may not recognize this address since it is relatively new. Please use Google Maps to find your way to the venue. Also note that there are a lot of new buildings around the venue which aren't on Google Maps yet.

So why Groningen?

Why are we hosting this event in Groningen? Well, as many of you know, Groningen is the Magento capital of the Netherlands. We have the most certified developers of any Dutch city. We even rank 4th worldwide according to research by [Inchoo](! Besides this, Groningen is a beautiful and quaint student city with a population of 200.000 (including over 30.000 students!). Here are [more great facts about our great city]( Now you know why.

Route by foot

Attention; this is the only possible route by foot (cross the water over the bridge).

Route by car

Attention; this is the only possible route by car.