Toon Van Dooren - Varnish xKey + Magento

Toon Van Dooren

Toon Van Dooren

The talk: Varnish xKey + Magento

In this talk, we will start from the basics in Varnish, compare different invalidation methods and move on to more complex matters. I will share my experience with xKey (and soft purging) about the good and the bad we have noticed at Savvii.

About Toon Van Dooren

Toon started as a Magento developer at PHPro in 2012. After a while, his tasks were mostly focussed on performance. After taking a short break from Magento to learn more about other languages and frameworks, and work in a high traffic environment, he started working at MageHost as a DevOps and performance specialist. Two years after, MageHost was merged into Savvii.

Toon has a strong interest in complex hosting setups, helping customers solve complex issues and performance tuning.