Karlijn Löwik & Erwin Hofman - We Love LoAF (& INP)

Karlijn Löwik & Erwin Hofman

Karlijn Löwik & Erwin Hofman

The talk: We Love LoAF (& INP)

Interaction to Next Paint (INP), Google's new Core Web Vitals, can be a challenge. Worldwide, the percentage of CWV rates who passed dropped by about 10%. So, how do you improve it? Why should you even care? And better yet, can you finally pinpoint what exact third party is causing havoc? Yes. You can. Allow us to guide you through the awesome ways you can improve the responsiveness of your shop. Not only will you meetLoAF, you'll even love LoAF! Because, we all want a quick website, right?

About Karlijn Löwik & Erwin Hofman

Karlijn Löwik

Karlijn is the CEO and co-founder of RUMvision, which offers real-time user monitoring to visualize and compare Core Web Vitals and other user experiences. Her mission is to make everyone understand the importance of site speed and UX, and to explain it in plain English rather than becoming overly technical. With her husband (who happens to be co-speaker Erwin) and 3-year-old daughter, she lives in Groningen, the Netherlands. Additionally, she is a board member of Mage-OS Nederland and advocates for accessibility and women in technology.

Erwin Hofman

Started developing in 2001, Erwin gained performance knowledge and best practices via trial & error within his own agency and reading many (Google) docs. At the end of the last decade, Erwin started sharing his learnings. Both during public events and privately with merchants & development + SEO agencies via audits & training sessions to help them saving trial & error hours and allowing them to improve decision making with performance in mind. He shares best practices and (case) insights on regular basis via LinkedIn and co-founded real monitoring solution RUMvision.

Web Performance Consultant & CTO RUMvision, twitter: @blue2blond , linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erwinhofman/