I don't write documentation!

David Lambauer

David Lambauer

I don’t write documentation!

This small talk is about the fact, that nobody really cares about documentation if it’s not an open source project. I’ve never seen a customer project writing massive amounts of useful documentation for their developers. Onboarding new team members is always a try and fail.

Nevertheless, there is a tiny little thing, called ADR’s! An ADR is an architectural decision record that can be compared to a Git Commit message.

“An Architectural Decision Record (ADR) captures a single AD, such as often done when writing personal notes or meeting minutes; the collection of ADRs created and maintained in a project constitute its decision log.”

  • https://adr.github.io/

ADR’s are a lightweight form of important information about a project, related to a specific point in time. Therefore, a collection of ADR’s can help to document a project with no effort.

In my lightning talk, I will explain how to handle it in practice and give examples.

David Lambauer

Hi, I am David, Co-Founder and Lead Architect of MEEVO Healthcare, a Health-Tech Company based in Hamburg, Germany.

People know me from talks at Meet Magento DE or from my open source GitHub activities. I am the maintainer of the Magento 2 Awesome List which collects all kind of useful resources around Magento 2.

Besides Magento, I am very passionate about DevOps Culture, workflow automation, and cloud infrastructure.